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Usually on a Thursday morning you can find FUBAR Radio presenter Lizzie Cundy hosting ‘Hot Gossip’ with her new co-host OK! Digital Content Director, Jonathan Bown.

However this morning, ‘This Morning’ took her away from us and placed her into a feisty debate about yesterday’s historic Supreme Court ruling allowing two women to re-open divorce settlements.

Lizzie is no stranger from high profile divorce cases having been embroiled in a four year battle with her former husband, ex-Chelsea footballer, Jason Cundy.

Speaking passionately, Lizzie was in full support of Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil, who argued that their ex-husbands misled judges about how much they were worth. Their claims will now go back to high court to be re-assessed.

The rulings are likely to tempt some aggrieved ex-spouses to restart legal actions. Both women took their claims to the supreme court in London to establish that non-disclosure in divorce settlements requires a case to be re-examined. Their ex-husbands disagreed.

The former WAG went head to head with Author and Journalist Liz Hodgkinson and you can see the whole debate by clicking here.

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