Kellie Maloney – “I can’t get over my ex”

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Talking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s Mark Dolan and Lizzie Cundy, transgender boxing manager Kellie Maloney has reacted to recent press and the Channel 5 TV documentary regarding her personal life.

Although she admitted that “I can’t let go of my ex… I’m still very much in love” she went on to point out “I didn’t wake up one morning and ask to be a transsexual. It’s a condition that you’re born with. If I could have stopped it I would have”.

But she is resigned to the fact that there will never be a full reconciliation – “Once I owned up to what was eating me alive and going on in our relationship, I knew that I would lose Tracy. I know that we can never ever live together because of the circumstances but we have built a great friendship”

Listen to the interview above.

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