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In a FUBAR Radio exclusive, Harriet Rose interviewed Australian singer, Josef Salvat, about his musical achievements and upcoming tours.

Salvat’s career encompasses breaking it big in France, going viral with his cover of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ and huge tours of Europe.

On the show, Salvat recalls what he loves about going on tour.

“I’ve got a band that are incredible… because we spend so much time together on the road, they don’t really like to hang out with me when we aren’t touring. So I like touring because I get to hang out with them and they have no choice.”

Also on tour, he always tries to ensure he comes out and has a chat with his fans after every show.

“Because so much happens on the internet, I don’t really know who listens to my music.”

He summarises the types of fans he has found on tour – in France there are a lot of young girls, Germany fans tend to be in their 60s, and, of course, his UK crowds are “the coolest”.

Josef Salvat starts his UK and Europe tour on the 5th of March in Edinburgh. Tickets are on sale now. Go to

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