Joey Page has Flossy .. Virgin Kids?!

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Joey has Flossy AND Virgin Kids on his FUBAR radio show, of course!

The boys from the ‘Joey Page’ Show spent their Wednesday afternoon enjoying each other’s company after Joey’s last week absence. They chatted to Tess from Tess of The Circle and he performed his song live for them!

Joey and Sy also chatted to the girls from a very new Australian band ‘Flossy’, with whom he bonded while enjoying the Australian sunshine few weeks ago. They played their first single ‘Cloudy Brain’ as well. Check out the interview below to find out what they had to say!

Asher from Virgin Kids took a break from skateboarding to talk about performing on Record Store Day, their debut LP ‘Greasewheel’. single ‘Cracks in a Colour’ and touring!

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