James Bourne – Busted reunion feels like coming home

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s ‘Hot Gossip’ with Lizzy Cundy and OK! Magazine’s Jonathan Bown, James Bourne from newly reformed Busted revealed just how difficult it was for the band to put themselves back out there again.

“I mean it’s strange because I really feel like now, more than ever, we’re more of a band that sort of exists on our following if that makes sense. I remember when it was ten years ago and it felt like we were much more part of the general…I guess media profile?But now it’s more about when you get real fans sort of remembering you and staying with you.”

The ten year wait for fans may just be well worth the wait, as along with a huge tour the band are currently recording new songs in the studio but how different will their sound be a decade on?

“I definitely think it’s changed a bit, the songs hopefully will be memorable. I think we have some really good songs that we’re excited to put out but yeah it’s weird the passion definitely drifted back then. We went round to see him [Charlie] and he didn’t really show any interest in doing it but it was strange because he was listening to Spotify and we were in his garden and all the music he was listening to was music that I listen to in my car and I felt that the idea might not work but judging from what he’s listening to and what I’m listening to I feel like we could actually be on the same page again.”

James also told the show why they felt the reunion was important after coming back after such a successful McBusted spell.

 “I think a few people don’t understand why you’d want to do Busted after that but it’s a very different thing. It feels very much like with McBusted because the whole of McFly exist within McBusted it’s like me and Matt come from the broken home of a band and we’ve been adopted by this family that’s like really cool but it’s not the same as going back home.”

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