DJ Evil – ‘Sean Price was one of the greatest’

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The tragic death of 42 year old rapper Sean Price, shocked the hip-hop community at the weekend and on FUBAR Radio’s ‘Sarah, Huw and Doc Too’ show the trio dedicated the whole show to the Brooklyn artist. A number of close friends, fellow performers and artists spoke about their memories of Price and just how he had influenced their lives and careers.

First on the line was rapper Pharoahe Monch, who spoke exclusively to FUBAR Radio just a few hours before attending the funeral of his close friend. Monch spoke about the attributes which made Price so successful. “He had all the tools, he had the voice, the flow, the lyrics and the attitude. But of late, he had a perspective on what his voice was, what his place was, what he wanted to say. That became very unique and that’s what MCing is all about, it’s about the artistry of finding your voice, it’s when you can implement something into the culture that’s been missing or hasn’t been touched upon in a certain way. That’s what he was gaining momentum on and becoming famous for, be it funny, outlandish or outrageous.”

Beat Butcha, a UK hip-hop producer, was fortunate enough to work with Price and reflected on the New York performers lighter side. “He was definitely one of the funniest dudes in rap music that I’ve ever met. His sense of humor was amazing. He’ll definitely be missed. When I found out about it I just felt terrible. I’ve been in New York (Price’s home city) and I just felt gutted for not giving him a shout. You take people for granted.”

DJ Evil also spoke to the show and described the huge impact the sad post has had on the city of New York. “He was one of the greatest, right now Brooklyn is hurt. We’re feeling that loss.”

The musician, also known as Ruck from his time with the Boot Camp Clik, passed away at home in his apartment in Brooklyn, New York, according to reports. The cause of death is unknown, but it is believed that he died in his sleep.

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