Cian Twomey – “Emily is a psycho bitch”

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio on ‘The JaackMaate Show’, Facebook and Vine star Cian Twomey told the boys just how he had shot to internet stardom. Known for his character ‘Emily’, a piss-take on his girlfriend, the Irish video maker has amassed 3 million followers on Facebook, accumulating over one billion views.

Cian portrays his girlfriend in all manor of scenarios, simply by putting down his hair and even keeping his prevalent beard, something his partner doesn’t mind. “The character Emily is a psycho little bitch, she’s not that bad in real life, well she’s still fairly bad. The real Emily has this little notepad, it’s kind of sad but cute at the same time, where she writes video ideas for me and I’ll have a flick through them every few days and the odd time I’ll get a really good one. She’s really supportive which is cool.”

Before he hit the big time Cian worked multiple part time jobs but revealed the moment he knew he should pursue his “silly videos” as a career. “I did a video, walking around the shops with the real Emily doing stupid puns. That got on Ellen Degeneres, MTV and on the biggest shows across the world. I checked the numbers as I’d been stuck on 180,000 for six months and did that video and I got 200,000 followers in two days! Then it just started taking off and that was the point where I thought I should really stick at doing stupid girlfriend stuff.”

Over the last year Facebook has seen a huge rise in popular personalities, with the likes of Cian Twomey, Jack Jones and Arron Crascall gaining massive followings on the site. Cian believes it’s down to a very simple reason. “It’s such an easy place to interact, when someone shares something all their friends are going to see it. With YouTube it’s a lot harder I think to get stuff out, on YouTube a video has to get popular as someone has shared it on a different site. I only get YouTube views because I share them on my Facebook site. Facebook is just so interactive, it’s addictive, everyone is on Facebook.”

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