Benjamin Cook – “Becoming Youtube 2 almost done”

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s ‘The JaackMaate Show’, ‘Becoming Youtube’ creator, Benjamin Cook revealed that the long awaited second series of the show is “almost done”

Fans of the first series, which ended at the start of 2014, have been eagerly anticipating post on a potential start date but Ben assured them that a first episode is on the horizon. “All I’m doing is working on finishing Becoming Youtube 2 because I promised it to people a year ago. All the interviews are filmed, some of the sketch stuff isn’t filmed but I’m getting there.”

However there is still yet to be a confirmed release date with Ben saying it’s close to appearing in your subscription box. “It’s almost done, I promise.”

Aside from putting his all into creating ‘Becoming Youtube’, Ben has been very busy with other projects. “I’ve made a short film, I made a show about sex for Channel 4 called Tofu. I was and still and am a journalist, I write about TV for a living, I do a lot of stuff with Doctor Who, I go on set every few weeks with them.”

Speaking about the success of his ‘Nine Brass Monkeys’ channel, Ben had a moment of relaisation during a convention this year. “I did VidCon this year, which is a big sort of Youtube event in LA with 20,000 people and I was sat on stage in front of 1500 of them I realised that in the last two years I think i’ve uploaded one Youtube video.”

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