The JaackMaate Show

Welcome to the warped minds of Jack & his co-host Tom Norris. Join them as they take you on a two-hour voyage through every nook & cranny of the online world. Born on YouTube, and then somehow given their own show, this odd duo will delve into their own embarrassing lives and much more. With their online famous friends popping in to the studio this show promises to be a flurry of internet chaos.

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Funniest radio show of all time!


Funniest radio show of all time! Great banter and chemistry between the presenters and producer. Look forward to the podcast every week.

A holiday for your ears


Glad that I can listen this on the go now so I never have to miss a show. Whether these fellas have you cringing or cracking up it’s always a highlight of the week. And I’m sure that Jack’s old pal Rafael is out there somewhere listening along and smiling...


The carpet

Enjoyable to say the least

Fave person ever!


Found him trying to find something to sleep too and loved it listened to the whole thing