Is This The Worst Brexit Propaganda Ever?

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With the heat of Brexit being more fierce than ever, tensions are really high. However, emotions are now even higher. The Leave.EU Campaign have taken to Twitter and produced probably the most offensive messages ever made on Twitter, in aid of gaining more votes.

From a heartbreaking Lady GaGa speech in LA, to countless instagram tributes and to a huge vigil in London; the Orlando shootings have shaken people up all over the world. And then the Leave.EU come out with this.

Their tweet suggests that the “free movement of Kalashnikovs in Europe helps terrorists” and that we need to “Act now before we see an Orlando-style atrocity here before too long.”



Their heartless attempt to get more voters got such a backlash from the public – well duh – that the tweet was deleted within a few hours.

There is no doubt of course that even some leave supporters were not happy with the tweets.

Even Education Secretary Nicky Morgan had her say, she saw the tweets as ”really shameful”.


This is not the first time Leave.EU supporters have been highly offensive towards the LGBTI community. UKIP of course the main culprits behind most of the harmful bullshit being said. UK councillor, David Silvester once argued that gay marriage was leading to flooding. Whether you are a member of the LGBTI community or not, the tweet was still hurtful. The gay community are being completely disrespected.

This is not to forget that Nigel Farage has previously claimed that gun laws in Britain are relaxed enough. Leaving the EU doesn’t mean Nigel Farage will have his way with guns, but it raises the concern of voting for a campaign which is quite often fueled by bigots, racists or simply the ill-informed. There are people who genuinely want to leave the EU for significant reasons to do with trade and accountability, but their choice is being overshadowed by insulting, unfair comments.

We take pride in having a country not littered with guns and the fear that surrounds them. This tweet was hugely misleading by suggesting that staying in the EU would allow terrorism to easily develop in Britain. Not only is this not true but it manipulates the minds of voters. Terrorism is a real pressure point for people and playing on it like this is truly disgusting.

I can feel Owen Jones’ rage.