Chilcot Report Came Out. We’ve Been Sent Tony Blair’s Reaction.

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There has been a lot of talk of Jeremy Corbyn calling Tony Blair out on his war crimes. There has also been a lot of criticism of this, the fact that Corbyn should focus on bigger issues – the now.

Well fear not Corbyn, you won’t be so harassed now. The 2.6 million pound word document known as The Chilcot Report was released yesterday and oh boy is Blair in trouble. Fucked would be the right word.

The document has evidence of Blair pushing for war in Iraq which wasn’t ‘necessary’ like he made out. All just to stay close to his buddy in the US. Soldiers were also not given the right attention and many people died due to lack of resources. These are just a few of the problems wrong with Blair’s time in government.

Oh Blair. What the fuck were you thinking.

Enquirers are getting heavier and heavier and apologies from Blair are being ignored by the public. They want justice for the people who died, just like Sir John Chilcot who has invested 7 years into this document.

Now you’re all up to date, check out the reaction shot we got of Tony Blair when the report was released. It’s a good ‘un.

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