5 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About America.

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Happy Independence Day America!

Not only are we thankful for the junk food you have given us, but you are bigger than us (and quite scary) so we often like to kiss your arse. Or as you lovely folk say, ass.

1. Toe-rrific! 

The Statue of Liberty has a ‘morton’s toe’. A morton’s toe is when your second toe is longer than your big toe. I think we pretty much know SOMEONE with this weird, freak, disgusting like condition, even if it was in high school.

We are joking by the way, the statue of liberty is setting a good example of embracing individuality. She wouldn’t be bare foot if she wasn’t confident with her little piggies!



2. Man vs Moon.

A total of twelve Americans have walked on the moon to date, all of which are male. But you probably knew that. Here comes the weird part; eleven out of these twelve men were boy scouts! So if you want to be an astronaut, make sure you get your Duke of Edinburgh award.

This makes us think, why don’t we have a space program? Countries including Russia, China and even India all put money towards discovering the universe and all we have is Tim Peak – no offense. It’s obviously easier to just wait for someone else to discover shit and then join the in the hype.

We were always more concerned about conquering land rather than the skies.


27% of American’s don’t believe in the moon landing.


3. ‘’Do you sell Bud-Light?’’

So first off, even though Budweiser is often associated with college kids and American sports games, the lager is actually from Belgian. The beverage is simply an American style lager. Okay okay, the clue is in the funny name and a lot of you may of already known that. But now we’ve set the scene we’re going to hit you with the weird.

The first born of the Budweiser family were made to taste the beer before its mother’s milk! This tradition was carried out for five generations as the company was passed down from father to son. This was until Budweiser was bought out, this is where we assume the tradition stopped.


4. Abraham Lincoln was the original Muhammad Ali

That’s right, good ol’ Abe is in the wrestling hall of fame! They can only track down one defeat out of a staggering three hundred fights. In one match, the future president reportedly became angered by his opponent’s attempt to cheat, so he used his long arms to pick the opponent up by the throat and shake him around.

What we would do to have footage of that! Damn.

Well, it’s on the list of things to do when time travel finally blesses us.



5. Independence day should actually take place on Jul 2nd.

The Second Continental Congress actually approved a day of independence on July 2nd. Later that day it went through a vote and became official.

July 4th is when the Congress adopted the official Declaration of the Independence, although most people didn’t even sign it until around early August.

Due to paperwork (obviously) the celebration didn’t even take place until July 8th and the Continental Army didn’t find out until the 9th. England had no idea until August 30th when word finally got to us, this was 1776 remember – it wasn’t trending on Twitter.