Best of Lolly Would? Pane & Sylvester Inc. Ep. 41

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Have you ever been inappropriately grabbed on a train? Do you regularly cum in taxis? Then this is the most relatable episode yet. Join Mikill, Reece, harley  and Producer Nat on their journey of self-discovery with the ‘BEST OF Episode 41’.

Have you ever had your ass grabbed by an unapproved hand? Mikill Pane and Producer Nat reveal their stories about how regular train journeys turned into public foreplays.

Have your fingers been places? If so, make them have a listen to the clip below. Mikill, Harley, Reece and Produce Nat talk about finger blasting and much MUCH more.

Reece has exclusively revealed details about his beef with S Club 7’s Bradley McIntosh. If you’re still stuck in 2001, you might want to skip this one.

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