Zanna Van Dijk, Eureka!, Simon Searles

First Broadcast: 20th July 2017


Episode 78 - Zanna Van Dijk, Eureka!, Simon Searle download

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With Lizzy away Stephen once again steps up and took the helm for another guest filled show!


With Love Island being the biggest reality show on TV at the moment we we’re very excited to have Simon Searles on the line to dish out the gossip. Then we heard from the gorgeous Eureka! from RuPaul’s Drag Race to tell us about her experience including her injury which meant she had to leave the show.


Jerry Sargeant was also on the line to regale Stephen about Star Magic Healing and his extra-terrestrial encounters. Last but not least we had the gorgeous Zanna Van Dijk in studio to keep Stephen company and talk all things fitness and keeping healthy.


What a rollercoaster!