Toby Goodshank, Small Pond & more

First Broadcast: 14th March 2018


Episode 121 - Toby Goodshank, Small Pond, Scott Swain download

Joey Page

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Joey and Sy are BACK! The boys were back with a bang, up to their usual mischief. In studio we had Vlad and Rosie from the wonderful up-an-coming record label Small Pond, who are really making a name for themselves in Brighton. We had a listen to their newest release by band InTechnicolour. Listen out for them! Also in studio was Scott Swain who told us all about his love of films, his upcoming project and even gave us a live performance. Live from Brooklyn, Joey and Sy caught up with Toby Goodshank to talk the new album, gigging with Macaulay Culkin and much more.