Swaati, Sharna Bass & more

First Broadcast: 1st February 2018


Episode 94 - Swaati, Sharna Bass, Matt Blvck download

Harriet Rose

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Harriet told us all the Grammy’s goss, how Jay Z is opening his own restaurant chain and how even though its only January, its acceptable to already buzzing for festival season! Swaati came through to tell Harriet all about her musical journey and her new track ‘On Fire’. Harriet tried her luck on blagging a classical piano grade, Swaati wasn’t having it! Also in studio, we had Sharna Bass whose tunes are really making waves at the moment with new track ‘Buss A’. Sharna is about to pop! Finally, Matt Blvck joined Harriet in studio to tell us very little about Nia. His new track Nia is fab, but he wouldn’t confess any secrets. Never mind Harriet, never mind…