Prince Rapid, Flowdan & more

First Broadcast: 1st August 2018


Episode 141 - Prince Rapid, Flowdan, Cassie Rytz & Jamakabi download

Mikill Pane and Marcel Somerville

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With no guest co-host this week, Mikill Pane just had to make up for it with four incredible guests! First up was Prince Rapid – he chatted all about the meaning behind his newest track, and the work he’s doing with the next generation of musicians. Flowdan was a worthy follow-up, and he explained why he likes to work in a window-less, clock-less studio. Up and comer Cassie Rytz came through next to chat about what she’s up to next, and Girls of Grime. In the last section, Jamakabi came in to play a quick game of higher or lower. Alongside all this there was the usual odd stories, including mayonnaise ice-cream, wedding sex tapes and excessive farting – it has to be heard to be believed.