Marika Hackman, Our Girl & more

First Broadcast: 28th February 2018


Episode 120 - Marika Hackman, Our Girl, Annabel Allum download

Joey Page

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Marika Hackman and her bassist Jelly joined us today for a hilarious takeover of Joey Page’s show. They discussed their recent tour, which FRIENDS character they would prefer to hang out with and which flavour crisps they would take to a desert island. Joining Marika and Jelly on the phone was Soph Nathann of The Big Moon and Our Girl. Soph gave us a ring to talk her new project, touring with Pale Waves and to have a real giggle with us! Joining us in studio was singer songwriter Annabel Allum who too had just come off tour. Annabel told us all about Rat Boy’s remix of new track Beat The Birds and put herself in the running for winning Best Guest with fab answers.