Marika Hackman, Cold War Kids & more

First Broadcast: 12th July 2017


Episode 96 - The Surfing Magazines, The EXCERTS, Marika Hackman, Cold War Kids download

Joey Page

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This show is so jam packed full of guests that you’re only going to be treated to a mini Sy Cooper Clarke poem at the end. There was just too much fun being had to fit in any kind of poetic creativity…

Joey had a chat with Matt Maust from Cold War Kids while they were in town for their gig at Shepherd’s Bush O2 Empire.

He also had a proper chinwag with Marika Hackman about her brand new album ‘I’m Not Your Man’.

Murray Macleod’s name might remind you of a police detective but he’s actually from Spotify sensation The XCERTS He announced a brand new tour on Joey’s show this week.

David Tattersall from supergroup The Surfing Magazines (made up of The Wave Pictures AND Slowclub) told Joey alllll about his love of a tuna baked potato.