Luisa Zissman & more

First Broadcast: 15th March 2018


Episode 107 - Luisa Zissman, Ryan Goodin, Ben Jardine & MORE! download

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Ohh Em Geee!!!

Stephen Leng is back!! & the dynamic duo had a super show!

Kick starting the great guest line up is Georgie Clarken from ‘Survival of the Fittest’ who explains to Lizzie and Stephen she loved reality TV and wants to do more of it… we wonder what show she’ll be on next!

What a pair – Luisa Zissman and Ryan Goodin from ‘Celeb Haunted Mansion’ confirmed that ghosts are REAL and attempt to persuade Lizzie and Stephen to go ghost hunting with them haha!

Lastly, Ben Jardine from ‘Married at First Sight’ gave FUBAR Radio an exclusive on the trials and tribulations of his marriage! Is he still married?! Have a listen to find out!