Preye Crooks & more

First Broadcast: 6th June 2018


Episode 133 - Preye Crooks, Joshua Idehen & Mayhem download

Mikill Pane and Marcel Somerville

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On today’s show Mikill Pane was joined by Preye Crooks, one of the founders of the up and coming Strawberries and Creem Festival. They chat all about feral peacocks, being impregnated by a squid and the best way to fight a seagull. After a backwards song game that gets them both in a twist, they were joined by poet and musician Joshua Idehen to talk all about his new show at The Roundhouse for The Last Word. Finally, Mayhem made the trip all the way from Birmingham to join in the fun, which included playing Brum or Bust to see if he can return to Birmingham with his head held high or ducked in shame.