Sabrina Mahfouz & more

First Broadcast: 13th June 2018


Episode 134 - Sabrina Mahfouz, Marci Phonix, New Machine download

Mikill Pane and Marcel Somerville

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This week Mikill Pane is joined by one part of previous guests The Beatbox Collective, Rupert Oldridge. They have a chat filled with plenty of high-brow topics, including cannibalism & public pooing and Mikill tries his hand at beat-boxing. To bring the tone up a bit Sabrina Mahfouz came into the studio to talk about writing the Wiley biopic, confusing lexicon and the Critics of Colour Collective. After that in the studio was Marci Phonix to talk about the hard hitting issues happening right now that inspired his latest single ‘Liberties’. Rounding off the show The New Machine joined in to chat about his new material and play the game inspired by him, ‘The Boys Who Cried Wolf’.