Juanita Stein, Flamingods, Matinée

First Broadcast: 26th July 2017


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Joey Page

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Once again, Joey and Sy welcomed some amazing guests on the show this week.


Firstly, they welcomed Matinée into the studio for a chat about their new single Goldfish as well as treating us all to an acoustic session.


Then, Flamingods were on the phone to chat about their EP as well as detailing their massive tour.


Finally, the wonderful Juanita Stein popped in to the studio to tell us all about her new album ‘America’ as well as giving us a stirring rendition of her single ‘I’ll Cry’.

We also had the usual features Newsflash, NMEducation, Human Top Trumps and, of course, Sy Cooper Clarke to keep you listening in-between our wonderful guests!