Dave Hause, TRAAMS, Andy Marsh & more

First Broadcast: 8th March 2017


Episode 79 - Starfish, Britain's Best Podcast, Noodles download

Joey Page

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Joey’s been back from Borneo for 2 days so the show ended up a little bit more ramshackle than usual. Despite the jet lag we managed to cut the show down to two hours and STILL pack loads in! We had Dave Hause on the blower to talk about his latest release plus Stu from TRAAMS talked to Joey about their upcoming gigs. Andy Marsh, director of Victorious Festival, was also on the phone and had a chat about his amazing lineup for this summer and last but not least we had Tom from Amber Run chatting about their tour and their most recent tracks. Phew! Of course we had all the usual rambling from Joey and Sy including ‘Ask Sy Anything, Bellend of the Week, Newsflash AND Sy Cooper Clarke gave us a poem at the end. Talk about a jam packed show!