Episode 69 – ShaoDow

First Broadcast: 18th November 2016


Episode 69 - ShaoDow, Ben Norris, Ball-zee, Tom Thum, Ben McFarland, Tom Sandham and Tom Rack download

Huw Joseph and Mikill Pane

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What a fun-packed show! Mikill and Huw were joined in the studio by Tom Rack from the Bianco Circus show. ShaoDow stopped by the studio to chat about his latest single and album. Ben Norris discussed the Being a Man Festival and his one man show The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Family. Ball-zee and Tom Thum chatted about the UK Beatbox Championships 2016, and also showed off their beatboxing skills. Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham joined the boys in studio with a bottle of gin to promote their show, The Thinking Drinkers: Around the World in 80 Drinks. Plus unlimited fun!