Goan Dogs, Hollie Cook & more

First Broadcast: 21st March 2018


Episode 122 - Goan Dogs, Hollie Cook, The City and Horses, The King's Parade download

Joey Page

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Joey and Sy are back on the airways and back to their old tricks! Marc from The City and Horses chatted to the guys on the phone about their new single Space and the trippy music video for it. Joey had a chat with the lovely Hollie Cook about transitioning from punk to reggae, her Sex Pistol father’s career ambitions for her and upcoming festivals. Live session from Goan Dogs performing an acoustic version of Brother From Another Mother, and The King’s Parade with Woman. As always Joey and Sy played best guest, where Joey admitted to naming his childhood pet rabbit after OJ Simpson, and Sy shared some strange canoeing dreams, and Sy managed to get 100% in a cheeky game of ‘Syer or Joer’.