FU Finest – Episode 90

First Broadcast: 21st November 2018


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A compilation of this week’s best guests and conversations. Femi was joined by drill artist Drillminister and London Mayoral candidate for the Liberal Democrats Siobhan Benita as they held an in-depth discussion about knife crime and policing, Nick and Nat’s Fan Club spoke to Drunk Women Solving, Lizzie Cundy and Stephen Leng caught up with CEO of Outland Denim James Bartle. On Ian Boldsworth’s show YouTuber TomSka was in the studio to discuss his new Christmas book and was interviewed by intern Will, who is a huge fan. Harriet Rose sat down with Sody, Calum McSwiggan spoke to Matthew Todd about the inspirations behind his book Straight Jacket, Mikill and Marcel had a conversation with Lady Chann about her new single ‘War OG’ and Joey Page talked to Free Money about their single ‘Up In The Sky’ and forthcoming EP.