FU Finest – Episode 113

First Broadcast: 25th June 2019


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On Harriet Rose’s show.. Pelicandy came in to talk about their new single White Sky, Jayli spoke about the importance of mental health in the music industry, Tragic Sasha told us about her live shows, July Jones told us about her new single that comes out in JULY, and Jean Mikhael told us about how he was the lead in thriller as a young child.

Ian was joined by Dr Who legend Katy Manning! Former X Factor star Stacy Francis popped by to talk about her new play Bare: A Pop Opera. Plus, director Josh Roche discussed his latest project ‘Radio’.

On Joey’s show.. Wasuremono came in and told us about how they’ve got a ‘Fleetwood Mac’ vibe,  Andy and Kav their new music and how they showed Johnny Marr a sneak preview of their EP and last but not least  Yoke Lore came in and gave us a live performance of ‘Chin-up’.

Mikill and Marcel were joined by Velvet Negroni, Callan Allen and Jungle Brown.

Jamie Windust, joined Calum on the show today! They talked about their petition to Parliament to get a gender-neutral passport

The Last Skeptik was the latest member to be inducted into Nick and Nat’s Fan Club.