FU Finest – Episode 101

First Broadcast: 26th March 2018


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A compilation of this week’s best guests and conversations. Ian Boldsworth was joined by actor Will Attenborough. Former ‘Skins’, ‘Poldark’ and ‘Doctor Who’ star Will Merrick popped into the studio to speak to Mikill Pane and Marcel Somerville about his new E4 comedy show ‘Dead Pixels’. Calum McSwiggan was joined by author Savannah Brown to talk about her debut YA novel ‘The Truth About Keeping Secrets’. Joey Page had the band Madonnatron in the studio. On Access All Areas Stephen Leng and Lizzie Cundy spoke to former contestant of ‘Let It Shine’ AJ Bentley about his new single. Harriet Rose had the legendary US rapper Slug from Atmosphere on the show and Nick Helm and Nathaniel Metcalfe welcomed the latest member of Fan Club the wonderful actress Rebekah Staton from ‘Pulling’, ‘Raised by Wolves’ and Channel 4’s new hit comedy ‘Home’.