Episode 14 – Mark Foster, Sophie Johnson & more

First Broadcast: 3rd April 2018


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Pitch Talk

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This week’s Pitch Talk was another hectic one full of the latest sports and fitness news and a whole load of guests! Motorsport presenter Torie Campbell joined Rachael and Olivia on the phone to discuss the start of the Formula 1 season and looking ahead to the second race of the season in Bahrain this weekend. Triathlete Sophie Johnson was next up to talk about how she trains for Triathlons whilst holding down a full-time job, and how CurraNZ can help her with her recovery times. Rachael had spoken to former Olympic swimmer Mark Foster in the week ahead of the Commonwealth Games, and finally Patricia and Katia from luxury activewear company Leo & I came into the studio to talk about how their brand is perfect for women both pre and post-pregnancy!