Episode 13 – Madeleine Shaw, Stef Reid & more

First Broadcast: 27th March 2018


Episode 13 - Madeleine Shaw, Stef Reid, and more download

Pitch Talk

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Pitch Talk is back and it came back with a bang! Rachael Downie and Olivia Cox had a mega show, kicking it off by rounding up all the latest sports news, including the Australian ball-tampering scandal that’s rocking the world of cricket. Their first guest was the inspirational three time Paralympic medalist Stef Reid, on the phone to promote The Energy Within, a new short film she stars in. You can watch the film here. We then heard a conversation Olivia had earlier with Olympian Jazz Carlin about changing discipline in the run up to Tokyo 2020, and then the girls were joined by Madeleine Shaw, Nutritional Therapist, author, and new mum, to talk all about the balance needed in a healthy lifestyle.  Finally, MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai fighter Tiffany Van Soest was on the line to talk about using poetry to inspire young women.