Episode 42 – Kat Graham & Elf Lyons

First Broadcast: 30th June 2017


Episode 42 - Elf Lyons, Demetrius Shipp Jr & Kat Graham download

Back Row and Chill

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First up we had Elf Lyons in the studio to talk about her new show PELICAN at Soho Theatre. Up next was the lovely producer Hannah Elsy and cast member Luke Lane of The Quentin Dentin Show.  Also in the studio we had BAFTA nominated Elhum Shakerifar came in to chat about feature film A Syrian Love Story ahead of Shubbak Festival. Isabel and Dora from Shit Faced Showtime passed through to tell us about their drunken antics on stage. Also, we played out when Teej met main stars of new Tupac film Demetrius Shipp Jr. and Kat Graham.