CHILDCARE, To Kill A King & Eliza Shaddad

First Broadcast: 14th February 2018


Episode 118 - CHILDCARE, To Kill A King, Eliza Shaddad download

Joey Page

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We had the mad bunch that is CHILDCARE taking over Joey’s show today. They came packed with a real punch; Glyn gave us an insight to his favourite recipes, Ed read us an essay entitled ‘Magic Of Tennis Table’ and Emma taught us how to woo in French. Ralph and Ben of To Kill a King stopped by to talk to their new album ‘The Spiritual Dark Age’ and to announce they are soon to be touring with Bastile. They were *lucky* enough to  be apart of Glyn’s lunch cooking session. Eliza Shaddad also popped in (late, typically) to tell us about her upcoming tour with Turin Brakes and much more. Not a takeover to be missed…