BBUK’s Anamelia Silva & more

First Broadcast: 27th September 2018


Episode 134 - Stefan-Pierre Tomlin (Mr Tinder) and Angela Watson & more download

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This evening Stefan-Pierre Tomlin aka the ‘most swiped man on Tinder’ came in with show-creator Angela Watson to tell us all about The Dating Show Live, a new live dating event that is taking place in Birmingham this November. Anamelia Silva also joined us fresh from the Big Brother House to dish the dirt on her experience (and all those arguments!). And finally, if you haven’t watched The Cirlce, you need to start! Sinead Edwards, who was just eliminated from the show, spoke to Lizzie and Stephen about how she tried to catfish the contestants by posing as her 65-year-old Grandad, Christopher, in an attempt to win the £50,000 cash prize!!