Episode 18 – Best of with Big Show & more

First Broadcast: 30th December 2016


Episode 18 - Doc Brown, The Big Show, The Wall of Comedy, Kent Jones, Pussy Riot, Remi Vaughan-Richards, Aaron Unknown, Charlotte Ritchie download

Back Row and Chill

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Doc Brown was in the studio to fill Noel and Jahannah in about his time on Life on the Road. The Big Show was on the line to talk about his acting career his involvement with Marvel. The Wall of Comedy boys dropped to discuss their upcoming film The Weekend Movie. Kent Jones also talked to TeeJ about his no1 hit. Jahannah then caught up with the members of Pussy Riot who were in the UK performing Burning Doors at the Soho Theatre. British-Nigerian filmmaker Remi Vaughan-Richards was also on the line to discuss her documentary Faaji Akbar. Aaron Unknown popped in to the studio to talk about his song being featured on the Brotherhood soundtrack. Finally, Charlotte Ritchie was on the phone to talk about the anti-pantomime that she is currently starring in for austerity hit London millennials.