ASH, Beduk & more

First Broadcast: 17th May 2018


Episode 107 - ASH, Beduk, Dami Sule, Smoked & Uncut, IYKZ, Durand Jones & The Indications download

Harriet Rose

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Harriet was back in the studio this week, and sharing all her favourite new music! She was joined on the phone by ASH who told her all about making homemade horror films. Beduk was in the studio chatting about his move from Turkey to London. Meadow Hume was here talking about Smoked and Uncut Festival. Dami Sule was in the studio talking about his new song Prayer. Durand Jones & The Indications was on the phone talking about their new covers project. IYKZ finished the show off talking about his new track Paint Me Ugly.