Anthea Turner, Sandra Martin & more

First Broadcast: 23rd November 2017


Episode 96 - Anthea Turner, Sandra Martin and Jack & Joel download

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Lizzie Cundy and Stephen Leng had a SUPER exciting show!!

The duo got chatty with Anthea Turner who told us about her company ‘The at Home Box’ the perfect treat for yourself or others for Christmas!

Sandra Martin told us all about ‘Aladdin’ the pantomime she is staring in as The Spirit Ring, she also informed us that herself and Sandy are still solid as a rock & gossip about her new man 👀

Last but definitely NOT least, Jack & Joel from XFactor joined in. The bubbly pair gave us the reals on what it was like being on the show as a wildcard and being apart of Simon’s team.

It’s not one to miss, I’m telling you!