Allman Brown, Liz Laurence & Ben Hobbs

First Broadcast: 7th February 2018


Episode 117 - Allman Brown, Liz Laurence, Ben Hobbs download

Joey Page

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Allman Brown took over this week’s show, with the help of his manager Jeremy. They smashed it! Together they tore apart Justin Timberlake’s new album, played a very good game of News Flash and integrated two brilliant guests. The first guest was Ben Hobbs who told us about his upcoming projects, and what it was like to tour with Alex Clare. Second lovely guest, was Liz Laurence. We had a listen to Liz’s new single ‘Chain Smoking’, learnt she wouldn’t waste food if she had the chance to throw some at Donald Trump, and Allman peer pressured her live on air to join him on tour.