23 Unofficial, Blackfish Collective & more

First Broadcast: 8th February 2018


Episode 95 - 23 Unofficial, Blackfish Collective, Ebru Ellis download

Harriet Rose

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Harriet played new music from Nina Nesbitt, Kendrick and Burna Boy. We talked more about festivals and of course the return of Spice Girls AND Daphne & Celeste! 23 Unofficial came through to the studio and told us how important it is to stay humble and where his favourite seat on a bus is. PRNCSS of Blackfish Collective got ditched by the boys, but she didn’t care! PRNCSS and Harriet talked about their emo phases, gigging in both London and Dublin and so much more. Of course they touched on the release of the new EP ‘North King Street’. Ebru Ellis was also in studio, Harriet asked her about her XFactor experience, new single ‘Blocks’ and they played a game of Hit or Shit.