You’ll Never Guess What This Guy Gets Tattooed On Him!

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A Danish artist named Kasper Nørland is slowly but surely gaining the attention of the internet. For the past year he has been himself with celebrities’ deleted tweets. 

This is a fascinating one because it seems like a fucking stupid idea, but once you have have a little think about his reasoning, it’s actually very interesting. Nothing we would offer our flesh for, but each to their own.

“The Tweettoo Project is a work-in-progress art project,”  Nørland explains. “If a celebrity tweets a statement that he or she then for some reason deletes, it qualifies for my Tweettoo project.”

Over the 12 months, Nørland has collected quite a few tatts. Our favourite ones include a sexist dig from Donald Trump reading ‘If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?’ and the lovely role model that is Justin Bieber ‘Everyone seems to be making a fuss over my cannabis situation. It’s not going to stop me doing it’.

So why is Nørland putting himself through so much pain, and cursing his body with some permanent – just for an art statement?


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Nørland explains that he is sacrificing his skin to shin a light on “the powerful and potentially dangerous combination of celebrity and social media.” He goes on to explain that “Anyone can thoughtlessly say offensive things they regret but when you do it on the internet it will stay there forever. Like a tattoo. Combine this with an audience of 1 million followers and you have a situation that could easily get out of control.”

Well, he’s right isn’t he? I mean, not tattoo-yourself-right, but he’s right.


We are often cruel and critical of celebrities, forgetting that everything they do is maximized and dramatized. We often make the same mistakes, it’s just no one notices or even cares. You have to admit that Nørland’s art is pretty damn powerful and really makes you think about the current state of celebrity culture. Some may see this as personal attacks on specific celebrities. Most of the big personalities he’s included are the ones that are often controversial, for example Rihanna and Snoop Dogg. Therefore it’s any easy assumption to make. However Nørland insists the body mods are just a way of remembering the influence they have over their followers.

It’s really hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone who’s in the limelight. People like Paolo Nutini, Keanu Reeves and Kim Kardashian JOKE – despise the intensity of being a VIP and the ‘someones always watching’ nature of modern celebrity culture.

It’s easy to say ”well don’t get into the industry then” but for people like Paolo it’s their dream to share their music with the world. Look what happened to Amy Winehouse for gods sake.

Well, hats off to you Nørland. You’re ballsy as fuck and helping to put a new light on the way we look and think about stars.

If you fancy it, take a look at Nørland’s Instagram which is full of his weird and wonderful tatts.