You’ll Never Guess What This GoFundMe Page Is Standing Up Against

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The #BlackLivesMatter movement has really chewed the world and shit it back out recently. Everyone is feeling the strain on societies we thought were much more socially developed. Consequently people are taking to social media, TV and radio to have their say. Although for some people, their opinions are being completely ripped apart. Rightfully? Who knows.

Just this weekend it was announced that singer and rapper M.I.A, originally from Sri Lanka, was dropped from London’s Afropunk Festival for her comments on the movement. Similarly, just after the recent shootings of black people in America, Jess Glynne tweeted ‘#AllLivesMatter’ which got a lot of backlash from fans. However, it’s really difficult to say she meant any harm:


Larry Mitchell is a young man who made a striking statement with a GoFundMe page. As a black man living in Kokomo, Indiana, he has really been feeling the weight of the world’s prejudice and cruelty. He set up his GoFundMe page on the 8th July just days after US police shot dead Philando Castile and fatally wounded Alton Sterling. Larry sarcastically asked people to send him back to Africa if they are unhappy with his skin colour:

”Send me “back” to Africa fund… If you want me to go back to Africa I will gladly go… you can help make your dream and mine come true… accepting  all donations… KKK, Skin Heads and anyone else with like mind thinking are welcome to donate… Thank you.. God bless you and America… #putyourmoneywhereyourhateis”

So far he’s raised a shockingly brilliant $1,170 of his $100k goal – and thankfully, hardly any donations were made out of loathing. Many people have shared sympathy with Larry and have donated to him as a gift to support his bold creativity. 

Will Morton donated $5 and wrote ”You should move to Washington state, we would love to have you and there are very few racists here. I hope you get your dream vacation”

Jackson Lam also donated $5 before commenting ”Hahaha! Love it. You’re genius. Enjoy the trip, but do please come back – we need more clever ideas to solve our complex problems.”

Our favourite post read ”Yo I’m donating $5 but only if you bring me too if you get extra. I’m a funny white kid, we can make a sitcom out of it. I wanna go to Ghana or Senegal but destination is negotiable.”

We doubt Larry even thought he would get $1 but he’s doing incredibly well. The money has definitely fallen into good hands, we’ve got bets on him giving it to charity.

We hope the best for Larry and that his 30K shared GoFundMe page reaches more people. It’s a tough, shitty subject but something must be done. And what better way to spread something but by picking at it with a bit of humour.

Nice on Larry.