How Fucked Up Are These Selfies?!

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We are the glorious selfie generation. Before us there was the MySpace generation, and before that was the generation where people actually talked face to face and no to a device. Ahhh.. but back to the now. We find ourselves taking pictures anytime, anywhere. Thank you to whoever blessed us with the front camera, we salute you.

People often get themselves in a pickle. Whether it’s carelessly uploading an embarrassing snap revealing a secret, or getting shouted at until you take a ‘grim’ photo of your best friend off Facebook. However, over the past few years unfortunately people have often taken their selfie game too far. Getting the perfect angle is key, but is it really worth risking your life?

In no particular order of stupidity, here’s some of the most hilarious and fucked up things that have happened to true photo fiends.

1. Let’s kick it off with probably the most mental outcome of a selfie. Whilst taking a dip in a river in Ganga, India, one man – Uttar Pradesh – paused to take a cheeky snap. Unfortunately, Uttar was swept under by a very strong current and began to drown. Luckily, he had six of his friends nearby to rescue him. But here’s the kicker, each one of them also drowned trying to save the original man in crisis. Brutal.

With all joking aside, it was a real tragedy and our thoughts are with the families of those who lost their lives that day. Since the tragedy, authorities have declared 16 ‘no-selfie’ zones around Mumbai for the safety of citizens and tourists.

Ganges river shore wooden boats and iron bridge


2. Okay, let’s lighten things up a bit again.
We don’t really need to say anything about this one, the photo speaks for itself..

Wait till you see it.



3. There’s a few of them out there isn’t there; the funeral goers who take selfies. Surely that would be the last thing on your mind. Each to their own.. #wake #funeral #dickheads



4. Londoner Lelung Rinpoche, 43, was traveling coming home on the Met Line and was carrying his laptop when he bumped into the ex-mayor of London. Tragically, he got so focused on getting a great photo with Boris that he left his laptop on the tube. No, he never got it back.

Here’s the really shit bit. Rinpooche is a Tibetan Buddhist monk who has travelled across the globe. His sacred laptop contained a 900-page history of Buddhism with rare scriptures collected from his travels and from which he was preparing to publish in two books. Anybody elses heart just break?



5. Every year, more and more stories are blowing the internet up, as animals are accidentally dying whilst people hold them hostage. All for the sake of a selfie. The most circulated stories are of multiple baby sharks losing their lives after appearing near a beach. Families and tourists all over the world have been passing around the small sharks, making sure to grab a photo with it. Each time the people end up killing the poor things.

Silly, silly humans. When will we learn.



6. This one gives us the chills.

James Nichol travelled across the world from the UK to South Africa to meet Cheynne Holloway, his long distance girlfriend for the first time. Their first date took them to Northcliff Hill, the second highest point in the city of Johannesburg. Tragically, they stopped to take a selfie with the blissful sunset in the background and Cheynne fell to her death. James did everything he could to save her, he performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for 20 minutes until paramedics arrived. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

James is offering £300 (S$630) for a rock that was stolen from his car which was chosen by his girlfriend.

RIP Cheynne Holloway.


7. Okay lets end this on a high.

This, just this.



Remember kids, stay safe while click the ol’ shutter button.

Happy snapping!