Can You Spot The Phone: REVEALED

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The picture below is currently going viral. People are peeling their eyes from their heads in frustration.


Right, so all you gotta do it find the phone.

The mobile phone.

It’s disguised in the photo and once you find it, you’ll really kick yourself.

As we are the best human beings ever, we’ve also got the answer for you. After a LONG and HARD look – don’t give in after 2 minutes – look at the answer below so you can get on with your day.






Scroll down for the answer.
















Are you sure you want to give up yet?























Can you see it now?!



The phone case disguises the phone within the pattern of the rug, right near the table.

The easiest way to see it is if you look for the camera.

If you were one of those superhero-esk people who saw it very quickly, congrats. You are needed by the FBI to help with future missions..

Everyone else – We told you, you’d be kicking yourself!