Volunteer Reporter

Job Title – Volunteer Reporter

FUBAR Radio is unlike any other in the UK. We’re not regulated by the industry watchdog, so we’re afforded a lot more freedom in what we can create. Imagine post-watershed TV on the radio and you get the idea. We don’t carry commercial breaks either. We do play music but when we do, it’s unedited and heard in the same way that you download it. What’s not to like! 
We make programming with some of the most talented, outspoken and refreshing entertainers in the country. We’re proud of our ability to create programming in comedy, current affairs, and sport, that cannot be heard anywhere else on UK radio. 
You’ll be working with our production team, taking on a reporter role. You would be required one day a week to go out on the street with a small team and find people to interview on camera. You will need to be confident and comfortable speaking on camera and asking people to take part in filming. 
The below is preferred but not required as you will be trained in all areas of production: 
  • Confident and creative, with an understanding of social media videos. 
  • Possess strong journalistic instincts.
  • Experience of being on camera and an understanding of how to use microphones and recording equipment. 
  • Presentable and professional manner 
  • Interest in current affairs and trending topics that may be the topic of the social videos you create. 
  • Possess the ability to formulate editorial suggestions and present them to producers in a professional and concise manner. 
The role is based at our offices in Islington, London. The role is unpaid but travel expenses will be covered. 

To apply for this role please send a covering email and your CV to info@fubarradio.com