Will You Be Turning On The Football This Weekend?

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This weekend is an exciting one for the football world.

To begin, this Friday is the first Friday ever ever ever, to have Premier League matches broadcasted. Secondly, there are a total of 10 games to sink your teeth into. It’s actually impossible to watch them all in full, but you can try.

That’s one hell of a busy weekend. Well, busy for the football players. You get to sit on your ass and drink beer!


Here’s a neat little table so you know what you’re in for when.

Man U vs Southampton Friday 20:00
Stoke City vs Man City Saturday 12:30
 Watford vs Chelsea Saturday 15:00
 Tottenham vs Crystal Palace Saturday 15:00
 West Brom vs Everton Saturday 15:00
 Swansea vs Hull City Saturday 15:00
 Burnley FC vs Liverpool Saturday 15:00
Leicester City vs Arsenal Saturday 17:30
 Sunderland vs Middlesbrough Sunday 13:30
 Westham vs Bournemouth Sunday 16:00

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