Episode 5 – Post Malone & more

First Broadcast: 14th December 2020


Episode 5 - Post Malone, Richie Ramone, Fatboy Slim, Robert Sheehan, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Saint Jhn, Shaun Ryder, Matthew Horne, Will Merrick, Levi Roots, June Sarpong, Brooke Candy and Wall of Comedy download

Christmas Hamper

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In this episode of FUBAR’s Christmas Hamper, the guests include:

Post Malone

Richie Ramone

Fatboy Slim

Robert Sheehan

Salt ‘n’ Pepa

Saint Jhn

Shaun Ryder

Matthew Horne

Will Merrick

Levi Roots

June Sarpong

Brooke Candy

Wall of Comedy