Exposed Lottery Winner – “I am a multi-millionaire”

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Speaking exclusively on FUBAR Radio to Mark Dolan and Lizzie Cundy, TV reality star Vladimir Wilson denied claims that his National Lottery win was fake. Despite being exposed as a fake by the press, Vladimir said “ I am a multi-millionaire, I deny the allegations (of being a fake)..I travel by tube because it’s actually quicker than being in a Bentley. postpapers and articles had quoted £5.6 million, it was actually £5.1 million. The wealth is there, it’s certainly managed, I think the lifestyle I was leading was a little bit above and beyond someone who has those winnings to lose.  I’m still working over in the city in financial sales. I’ve recently moved back over from Gibraltar back to the UK, so as I said not all the facts are correct.”

As if to further prove that he his a wealthy man and not the skint scrounger that the press have made him out to be, Wilson asserted that he can prove his immense wealth – “This is an exclusive to FUBAR Radio – I am making a documentary about me and my wealth and it will prove my lottery win. Wilson claimed that Channel Four or the BBC will air the show later in the year and at that time  “there are many postpapers that will have to eat their words!”

However, according to Wilson his “wealth” may not last much longer as he admitted that he would now have to start to calm down his spending habits. “Im burning a hole through it, this is a wakeup call. There is a bit left still to burn but it will take a bit more time. I am being a lot more sensible”.

Slamming the press for naming and shaming him as a “fake” he went on to add “ I can’t lead a double life, I can’t pretend to be someone that I’m not, so I guess I just have to come to terms with my wealth. I’m not here wearing a T-shirt saying ‘I’ve won the Lottery’, it’s unfortunate the circumstances that have happened over the last couple of weeks.”

Wilson claims the huge win came back in 2009 and he only started seeking the limelight in 2012, appearing on various reality TV shows but was left shocked to see his face in a number of postpapers. “Friends that I thought I had actually went to the tabloids to give their version of events to make a quick quid.”

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