New World Record for Longest ‘SHEEETTTTEE’

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Jahannah James stars in the upcoming movie ‘Brotherhood’, set to be released later this year. Huw Joseph and Mikill Pane from The Friday Social introduced her to their legendary game of the world’s longest ‘SHEEETTTTEE’. She didn’t play around and managed to become the newest world record holder with 46.5 seconds – check out the video above – taking the title away from Jeremy Badcock from Belle Roscoe who got equally impressive 44.5 seconds.

Her latest film project, directed and written by Noel Clarke, allowed her to emerge in a new environment, “they shot [Brotherhood] over 4 weeks, it was a speed but it was really good,” James said. “I remember I got the script just before filming. I was on an aeroplane and I literally couldn’t put it down, even when the safety announcement was coming, I was like ‘no shut up1’.”

“This film, as opposed to the first two, has a different vibe, this is a real comedy, I was laughing out loud when I read it for the first time.”

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