Michelle Keegan beds a tramp in X rated movie

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s, Tom Latchem, Director Stephen Lord told the show how Michelle Keegan gets intimate with a tramp in her new role.

The former Coronation Street actress is starring in a new British film, Strangeways Here We Come, and latest plot details tell us that Michelle’s character will bed a homeless man, as well as being accused of murdering a nasty loan shark. The film follows a group of residents who are ripped off by the man before getting the ultimate revenge. It’s the next step for Michelle, whose career has been going from strength to strength since leaving the ITV soap in 2014.

Director Stephen Lord revealed that “Michelle was fantastic” and he admitted that “it’s great when you see people, the perfect fit for the role, and give them the opportunity to do it right.” He also added, “Michelle’s absolutely lovely – she’s got a great part and she does brilliantly.”

After leaving the cobbles of Corrie, Michelle joined BBC drama Ordinary Lies, and has recently taken over from Lacey Turner in Our Girl. The actress also recently took on a new role; as Mark Wright’s wife. The first snaps of the newlyweds on their big day surfaced at the end of May on the cover of HELLO! Magazine, and proved just how stunning the event was.

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