FUBAR’s Noel Clarke in New ITV Crime Drama

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ITV’s The Level is the new intense and bold police drama which features FUBAR Radio’s very own Noel Clarke.

Noel, who co-hosts Back Row and Chill on FUBAR, plays the role of Detective Nancy Devlin’s work partner, Gunner Martin. Nancy moves from London to Brighton to work on a case with Gunner, someone who she becomes very close to. Noel describes Gunner as ”a lone wolf who definitely has an edge. If he’s after someone, he doesn’t care. He’s on the scent.”

Noel also commented on how important it is to have two black leads in the show “It’s so progressive, I think, having not only a female lead, but a black female lead, and then her main partner also being a black actor.” Karla Crome is the stunning, young actress playing the lead role of Nancy Devlin.

Noel continued by saying how this is something which is really going to make the show stand out. He spoke about how great it was to be able to work with such an open-minded director, casting director and producers. However, explained that he doesn’t “necessarily feel a responsibility” with regards to diversity on-screen; “It was interesting – I did BBC Breakfast the other day and they talked about diversity. I’ve been putting diverse people in films for 10 years… before it was a hashtag!

This new six part drama also holds an aura of powerful narratives, extraordinary mystery and tons of excitement. This is not one to be missed.


The Level depicts the life of Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin, who is living a secret double life. Nancy grew up in East Sussex, something of which she has been running away from years. This is until a shocking incident to do with her childhood best friend pulls her back to the coast. However, there is a twist. Nancy finds herself at the centre of an investigation which will put her at risk of exposure.

”Exposure from what?” We hear you cry. Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.

You can catch The Level every Thursday at 9pm on ITV 1

Noel Clarke co-hosts Back Row and Chill with Jahannah James every Friday from 4pm.

To Catch up on Back Row and Chill, click here.

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